Endorsements. V. School Committee

Normally School Committee elections stay on the back-burner, little noticed. In 20+ years of Salem residency this blogger is embarrassed to confess never having voted for school committee, because never took the trouble to research the candidates. That has to end this year.

There are four candidates for the three opening for School Committee, all newcomers: Ana Nuncio, Mandy Cruz, Amanda Campbell, Andrea French. By a fluke all incumbents retired or otherwise moved on, leaving opportunity for fresh faces. There is a fifth candidate on the ballot, Jean Martin, who resigned for health reasons but not soon enough to be removed from the ballot.

There is little to differentiate these four fine candidates. All four candidates are strong proponents of the Salem Sanctuary initiative. All four are strong proponents of diversity and inclusion to all students, regardless of background. All four are knowledgeable and experienced. It’s sad that only three can pass through, but whoever comes last will have had a great learning experience to run again in two years.

This blog endorses all four candidates. Flip a coin, throw a die, flip a card to pick the three names that you will select on the ballot.