Proctor’s Ledge Memorial – Two Months After

Sept 22 1692 was the ugliest day in the Witchcraft Trials Hysteria – eight people executed atop Proctor’s Ledge. The date was commemorated in 2017 by the laying of 19 red roses, visible atop the wall in the photo, one rose for each executed on Proctor’s Ledge throughout the summer of 1692.


As seen in the photo the central oak tree has unfortunately died again. It was doing all right, then suddenly withered and died. This was the second oak tree planted in that spot, replacing a previous dead tree just before the dedication ceremony July 19. Some of the shrubs around the site have also withered and died. Something about the site is unkind to living vegetation. Perhaps it is toxic tailings in the soil strewn by a battery factory that once occupied the site down the street where the Walgreen’s parking lot is now.


A final inscription has been added under the [dead] oak tree since the dedication ceremony. Simple, unadorned, evocative.


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