City Council Elections. V.A.1. – Results of Preliminary Election

A last comment on the Salem Preliminary Elections Results for City Council, as pointed out by Salem Digest.

Preliminary Election Results

The At Large results in Ward 2 are the inverse of the results in the rest of the city. The order in Ward 2 is Dominguez 1st, Bradt 2nd (tied actually), Eppley 3rd, and Cohen 4th, all challengers, with incumbents Sargent, Furey, Milo and Ryan finishing 5th through 8th, respectively. In the city as a whole Dominguez still retains 1st position, but it is the four incumbents 2nd through 5th and the other three challengers 6th through 8th.

Could this be a pointer for the Final Election in November? Who knows? Could increased participation in the outside wards, to match the high participation rate in Ward 2, push up the challengers in the standings? Or maybe Ward 2 will remain an outlier and the other wards will follow through in the Final Election as in the Preliminary? As with many things McIntire District (a large component of Ward 2), it’s a head-scratcher.