Traffic Alert Continuing along Boston St

For several weeks now, and for several weeks to come, continuing replacement of utility lines along Boston Street and Bridge St have snarled traffic throughout the Gallows Hill neighborhood. Boston St is backed up all along its length from Essex St up to the Peabody line. Work began on Bridge St, but seems to have mostly transitioned onto Boston St. The Bridge / Boston / Goodhue / Proctor intersection, not the most pleasant of transits even in the best of conditions, has become hellish. Noise of jackhammers and horns of frustrated drivers fill the ears of Gallows Hill residents.


Boston St is part of State Route 107, so recommending an alternative route is impractical. As it is, impatient drivers keep trying to find a cut-through through Gallows Hill streets, with many unfamiliar with the side streets getting lost and circling round and round.

Don’t despair, the utility work should finish by mid-September. By then construction commencing at the long-awaited Gateway Center at the corner of Bridge & Boston should provide a new font of road rage.