Dark Moon Healing Art opens on Gallows Hill

A repeated complaint on this blog is that Gallows Hill suffers from a dearth of retail options. Chain drugstores (two CVS, one Walgreen’s) and pizza shops galore, and of course a Dunkin, but anything beyond that – real coffee shops, tea houses, galleries, pubs, wine shops, chic clothing shops – anything that adds color to urban life, is lacking.

That absence may be diminishing this year, with the opening in short order of the African Store, A&J King Artisan Bakery,  though lost the entrancing Nightingale Gallery. Now the Dark Moon Healing Art shop on Boston St. has opened up. Occult shops Salem has a-plenty, but this is the first such shop to open outside of downtown.

Dark Moon Healing Art

From a release provided by the proprietor:

Dark Moon Healing Art-SALEM, a sister store of Dark Moon Healing Art-Australia, focuses on all aspects of metaphysical service. While occult supplies are carried, much more is offered. All religions are welcome. Healing Arts are our specialty, particularly Reiki, Polarity and meditation. Our highly trained Reiki instructor also teaches Yoga at studios in the area. We also offer spiritual services to help aid and guide others through psychic workings.

We hope to bring the community together in unity. We are willing to examine works by local Artists, and if agreeable we would display the art for three months. Workshops will be offered on subjects ranging from crystal works, meditation, soul collage and more. Come gather with friends to our paint nights and meet and greet with Artists. We invite the Gallows Hill community to come and try the experience.

Now that the Witchcraft Trials Memorial on Proctor’s Ledge has been dedicated, foot traffic in the neighborhood should increase. Though tourists are welcome and items of interest to tourists are offered, we want all visitors, tourists and neighbors alike, to experience a comfortable shopping experience, relax, ask questions and get to know new people. That is why we opened in the Gallows Hill neighborhood and not downtown, which after all is only five minutes away. We hope to cross promote and market with other small businesses in Gallows Hill. More than a healing arts vendor and an art gallery, we also are a representative of Powerflux PC for computer repair design and service. We encourage all in the neighborhood to come in and sample our wares. Join our shoppers club and receive discounts on purchases. All welcome.