Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Part II.

Continuing on the previous post on the proliferation of (often unnecessary) streets signs around Proctor’s Ledge, we move on down Proctor St to the intersection with Pope St and Mansell Pkwy.


The arrow sign points to the right along Mansell Pkwy. to the public parking lot in Gallows Hill Park a block away. Sure to sow confusion with the Proctor’s Ledge Memorial on Pope St a block to the left. And the No Parking restrictions along Proctor St have negligible effectiveness, as attested by the illegally parked Cadillac Escalade in the photo.

Swinging down Pope St next noted are the new placement of warning signs about the Memorial itself. There was last week a single “Stay Off Slope” warning sign right in the middle. That led to complaints from artists and descendants that the sign spoiled the solemnity of the site, so signs were shuffled again. Now there are identical tandem signs bookending the two sides of the Memorial, and no signs in the center. Still won’t discourage the “adventurous” from climbing the slope, but hey, the City of Salem is trying.