McIntire Privilege. II.

Next in a continuing series on McIntire Privilege: the contention that McIntire residents enjoy benefits beyond other neighborhoods in Salem, without being conscious of said benefits. A first example described a benefit delivered by the Salem Dept. of Public Works regarding clearing of dead trees. The second example here continues the line of special assistance from Salem DPW.

On January 13 2017, Friday the 13th as it turns out, Federal Street and connecting streets were cleaned by the DPW street cleaner. Nothing remarkable about that in and of itself, but this was the dead of winter with the street cleaner apparently having been mothballed for the winter, or should have been. Yes it was a light winter for snow, but nobody at Salem DPW could have foretold that. There was no special event planned, and no vehicle accident or truck dumping that would have necessitated pulling the street cleaner out of its garage.

When called and questioned the responding DPW office explained that “the streets were dirty.” Duh. The streets of Salem are always dirty and always need cleaning (check out Fireballs of Salem on citizen efforts to salve the street litter problem), but apart from downtown streets no neighborhood of Salem gets streets cleaned, outside of the once-a-year springtime cleaning.

What is the explanation for this special occurrence? Could it be…McIntire Privilege?


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