Proctor’s Ledge Memorial Ready for its Close-up

About two dozen volunteers, including this blogger, showed up Saturday morning to clear brush from around the new memorial. A truck-full of material removed (oddest finds: several lines of dangerously askew rebar, a buried folding chair, but fewer nip bottles than anticipated given the site’s history as campground for homeless), drought-resistant landscaping planted, curbs and sidewalks swept, stone wall wiped of dust. Interrupted by several groups of curious tourists alerted by the feature in Smithsonian Magazine. City trucks scurried around applying last-minute touches. In the spirit of the times the house across the street got power washed, so it’ll gleam over the site at the dedication. She’s ready for her close-up.


Special kudos to the employees of Walgreen’s who strode across the store parking lot to assist. Walgreen’s, heralded in a breathless headline announcing the (re)-discovery of the witchcraft trials hanging site,

Salem Witch Trials Execution Site Found, And It’s Behind A Walgreens

seems appropriately bewildered by its place in American history, far above the fate of a normal big box store, the Great Salem Fire memorial in one corner of the parking lot, the Proctor’s Ledge Witchcraft Trials memorial in the opposite corner.

Appropriate poetry posted on sister blog Streets of Salem for the occasion.



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