Proctor’s Ledge Memorial almost done

The stone wall, landscaping, curbs and sidewalks are all done. All that’s is left is the engraving of the names of the falsely executed along the wall. The engraving began this week, one week before the dedication ceremony on July 19. As of July 12 nine names are engraved, the 1st nine executed in chronological order, with ten left to be set in stone.

No word yet on the specifics of the dedication ceremony, aside from the intention to keep it low key. Obviously many descendants of those who met their end on Proctor’s Ledge will want to attend, but no formal invitations to descendants have been sent.

News is hush-hush possibly to discourage the public from attending. The public will find the spot regardless. Already dozens of the curious daily troop past the site, and this blog reporter, who resides a block from the site, was this past weekend twice stopped by drivers wanting to find the site. “If you build it, they will come“.


3 thoughts on “Proctor’s Ledge Memorial almost done

  1. A very good assessment of the situation! And thank you for your phrasing “falsely executed”: to often people just refer to them as “witches”.


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