African Gift Store moving to Gallows Hill

Squeezed out of its tight quarters in Peabody Square, in early July the African Variety and Gift store is moving down the street to a more spacious place at 107 Boston St along Gallows Hill, replacing a defunct karate studio. The store offers African DVDs and CDs, art and painting, hair extension & beauty supplies, clothing for men and women, handmade sandals and handbags (example pictured), and more native crafts.

This type of specialty store, where shopping is a joy and not a bore, is exactly what the commercial corridor of Gallows Hill needs more of, as versus yet another cheap chain store that already crowd the neighborhood. With the concurrent opening of the Artisan Bakery a block up Boston St, and the Proctor’s Ledge Memorial a block down, perhaps the hipness of Gallows Hill is ramping up. Then again, the recent closure of Nightingale Arts across Boston St diminishes the shopping appeal of the neighborhood.