Proctor’s Ledge Symposium July 20

Over the summer the Salem State Social Justice Institute is holding three events called Thursdays in July on social injustice, past and current. The 2nd one on July 20 is of real interest to readers of this blog, as it will cover the significance and role of the new Proctor’s Ledge Memorial on Pope St, which will have been dedicated the day before, July 19 (unfortunately at the inconvenient hour of 12 noon).

Cobbed from the Salem State web site:

In recognition of the 325th anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials, the Proctor’s Ledge Symposium on July 20 will feature the Gallows Hill Project team who recently confirmed the location where 19 people were hanged for witchcraft 325 years ago. The [star-studded] panel:  Emerson “Tad” Baker, professor of history at Salem State University; Elizabeth Peterson, director of Salem’s Corwin House, The Witch House; Tom Phillips, director and producer of Salem Witch Hunt: Examine the Evidence; Marilynne Roach , witch trials author [The Salem Witch TrialsA Day-by-Day Chronicle of a Community Under Siege] and historian; Benjamin Ray, professor of religion at the University of Virginia.

The event is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6:30 pm Thursday July 20 at the National Park Service Visitor Center, 2 New Liberty St in Salem MA.