Witch Trials Symposium June 10 2017

Simultaneously with the dedication ceremony for the Witchcraft Trials Memorial on Proctor’s Ledge in Gallows Hill, the History Department at Salem State University will present a day-long symposium on “Salem’s Trials: Lessons and Legacy of 1692” in recognition of the 325th anniversary of the Salem Witch Trial. The first hanging, of Bridget Bishop, took place on June 10 1692 on Proctor’s Ledge. Eighteen more unfortunates would eventually be hanged on Proctor’s Ledge before the Witchcraft Hysteria ran its course. The event is co-sponsored by the Salem State University History Department, Salem Award Foundation, Essex National Heritage Area, and the City of Salem.

Witchcraft Symposium

As part of the symposium oral testimonies of victim descendants will be presented. The Keynote Address will be by Dr. Kenneth E. Foote, author of “Shadowed Ground: America’s Landscapes of Violence and Tragedy“. Other presenters are yet to be announced, but according to the Streets of Salem will include: teaching the trials; European comparisons and context; a panel on the making of Witch City; talks by Salem experts Emerson Baker, Margo Burns and Marilynne K. Roach. Updates about the symposium will be posted to this web site as they are announced.

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