Major Streets of Gallows Hill

The main commercial road through the Gallows Hill neighborhood is Boston St, in colonial times the main land thoroughfare from Salem to Boston, hence the street name. Boston St (see map in previous post Neighborhoods Adjoining Gallows Hill) stretches the full extent of the neighborhood, from the Peabody line southeast to Essex St, and the portion between Bridge St and Essex St is part of MA State Route 107. Boston St is lined with many retail institutions as well as many apartments and even a few single family and multi-family homes, several of them centuries old. The other main commercial road, neighboring the east side of the neighborhood, is Essex St, which becomes Highland Ave when it passes Jackson St beside the Collins Middle School, and which is also MA State Route 107. Highland Ave was not developed commercially until the mid-20th century, so it has a more suburban feel, with parking lots of strip malls fronting the road. The only well-traveled road passing through the neighborhood, and not around it, would be Proctor St, which begins at the intersection of Boston St with Bridge St, curls up and behind Proctor’s Ledge through a strictly residential area, and deposits its traffic onto Highland Ave in front of the North Shore Medical Center. Proctor St acts as a cut-through for drivers too impatient to bear the only slightly longer route around the ‘corner’ of Gallows Hill along Route 107, but so backed up does it get during rush hours that it should bear to mind the old yogi-ism that “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”